Friday, January 12, 2007

"MySpace Spotlight": Amanda

Amanda Rodrigues Smith is a young executive on the rise. The 20 yr. old Bmore native is a junior at the University of North Carolina where she majors in journalism and political science. President of the Carolina Association for Black Journalists; Amanda or "MandaDiva" as her friends call her, plans to become a White House Correspondent. A classically trained violinist who also acts and sings- this Tarheel girl has twin ambitions of becoming a sports and entertainment lawyer. She's been forwardly focused on making it to the top of the corporate media ladder since she was 15. If you take a look at her resume you'll see that she's worked alongside Matthew Barnhill, Debra Lee, Kweisi Mfume, Jackie Reed, Dorothy Height, Sheila Eldridge, and even Madeline Albright. She says her friends compare her to a young Oprah. She reminds them that even Oprah got her start in Baltimore!

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