Thursday, January 04, 2007


Do you hate typing in my long web address? Well, you can now reach the site by typing in:

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"MySpace Spotlight"...
Are you a singer, rapper, actress, dancer, model, acrobat, yoga instructor, a "regular" everyday person or whatever? I'm sure all of you fall into one of those categories, lol. Well, I'm going to start doing this new thing on the site called the "MySpace Spotlight". I'm sure you've noticed how the whole world has gone MySpace crazy. Bow Wow's latest video has a MySpace theme, Cassie features a MySpace type site in her latest video, Diddy even used it to announce that Kim was having twins. Well, if you have a MySpace page, it's your time to shine. If you'd like to be featured on the site, send me a short paragraph about yourself, include information on your interests, talents or whatever. The paragraph you send will be what is posted on the site along with a picture from your MySpace and your MySpace page link. One new profile will be spotlighted each day, starting next week. All interested people, send your info to me on MySpace and put "MySpace Spotlight" in the subject line.

**Oh yeah, Because I don't want to help the perverts find new kids to stalk, only MySpacers 18 years old and over will be featured on the "MySpace Spotlight", unless you are a music artist trying to share your music.