Sunday, November 05, 2006

Diddy Defends Cassie...Again

Ryan Leslie recently posted a message from Diddy in regards to Cassie's weak performances. This isn't the first time Diddy's defended Cassie, he's spoken on it on various radio interviews and he gave an interview to MTV about it a while back. Though I'm one of the few people that actually admits to liking Cassie, I don't think this video is a good look. One, it makes Cassie seem a little immature having to have Diddy step in everytime somebody talks bad about her. Two, you should never let the "haters" (as Diddy called them) know that they are getting to you. And lastly, I think the video was just plain old unneccessary. If Cassie's performances are going to improve, I'd rather see the improvement than hear Diddy talk about it. All this video did was put more focus on her previous bad performances and gave her critics more to talk about...

[Thanks Micole]