Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ne-yo Talks Fatherhood...

Ne-yo recently talked about his role as a father to his son Chimere in an issue of OK magazine. You can read some of what he had to say below.
"Fatherhood changes your outlook on life. Nothing looks the same anymore," Ne-Yo, 23, said. "It flips up your whole perspective. Everything is a risk, but he's the reason I breathe. Before, the reason I did music was about living my dream, but now I need to make sure that Chimere never has to worry about anything. I need to make sure that if he wants to got to college, he's going to go there. To hell with being tired. I'm going to get to the studio and write this song, make sure I get these songs placed, make sure this song is the best it can be so that the album sells so that Chimere will be all right. Everything is about him now."
Ne-Yo's baby momma is a woman named Jesseca White, who he says is one of his best friends. The two share bi-coastal parenting responsibilities, in which he says he wishes he could be more involved with on a regular basis.
"I don't get to see Chimere as much as I would like, which is why I have the utmost love and respect for his mother," he said. "He stood up by himself for the first time yesterday, Jesseca called to tell me. They're in California and I'm in New York, and I missed it. While she's taking care of him, I'm taking care of them from afar. They don't have to worry about finances-I got that side of it-she's taking care of his day-to-day. But when I'm in California, all my time is given to him."
Below you can check out pictures of Ne-yo from TRL yesterday. Click the link under that to check out some older pictures of Ne-yo with his son over at Concrete Loop.

[Thanks Casey]