Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Raven on Disney Panel...

On July 10th Raven Symone participated in the ABC Family and Disney Channel TCA. She looks really pretty in the pictures, very sophisticated. Kinda reminds me of a choir member's outfit though, but she looks cute nonetheless. I sometimes forget she's 20 years old because her "That's So Raven" character is so young. Anyway, she was there to promote the upcoming sequel to "The Cheetah Girls". You can read more about Raven at the event below.
Disney’s panel was, like, so Raven, with the star and her Cheetah Girl friends on hand to push the upcoming sequel to their first musical movie. The very adult and VERY serious 20-year-old Raven walked the doting critics through why she mysteriously dropped her last name and then readopted it (something about not wanting to confuse the network’s younger viewers at first with two names?), whether being an executive producer on her recent work has changed her (no) and whether she still talks to Bill Cosby, her co-star from her toddler days on TV’s Cosby Show ("I heard through the grapevine he watches some of what I do, but I don’t talk to him as much as I should. We're all very busy in this industry.").