Monday, November 12, 2007

Jay-Z in Blender...

Below you can check out some pictures from a photoshoot Jay-Z did for Blender magazine. In the article he talks about his new album and answers questions ranging from "Do you ever hang out with people richer than you?" (He's sure he does. He's hung out with Bono, who he says has got to be way richer than him) to "When are you gonna set a wedding date with Beyonce?" (No comment). Below you can read what he said when asked what was his biggest weakness. Click the link to read the full article.
"I expect people to know certain things. If you’re my friend, you should know certain things, and I won’t tell you, even though I should. Sometimes relationships deteriorate around me because I only address things when I’m upset. I shouldn’t assume people know what I’m thinking."

And since we're talking about Jay-Z, let me just say that ever since I saw Jay-Z in DC, I think he might just be the flyest guy alive. Period.