Monday, June 04, 2007

Free Celeb Camp for Urban Youth...

A while back I featured a young woman named Amanda Rodrigues-Smith in the "Spotlight On:" section of Cake & Ice Cream. Well, she recently sent me some information on a great program she's currently involved with, "Building Leaders for Tomorrow: Summerscope Sports and Entertainment Camp". Carmelo Anthony will even be making an appearance at the camp's kick-off in Baltimore on June 25th . Under the cut you can find out information on the camp, dates & locations and you can find out how you can register.

Official Camp Statement:
Building Leaders for Tomorrow (BLFT) is an umbrella community outreach initiative that assists in creating a safe haven for at-risk youth. This inner-city initiative consists of two programs; "BLFT Summerscope Sports & Entertainment Camp" providing free week-long sports and entertainment camps for youth, ages 11-17, which explore different educational and career avenues and "BLFT Basketball Tournament" serving to unite organized basketball competition with personal development workshops. BLFT Basketball Tournament runs concurrent with the BLFT Summerscope Youth Camp. It is a week long series of basketball tournaments during the late evening hours that would be attractive to participants, ages 18-25.

Words from Miss Rogdrigues-Smith:
The camp kicks off in Baltimore, June 25-29 at the Carmello Anthony Youth Development Center. Carmello Anthony is our Image Leader in Baltimore, and will make a guest appearance on the first day of camp, June 25th. We have locked down Oakland and Dallas for August. Oakland will be August 13-17 at the Oakland Youth Development Center and we are working to secure Baron Davis from the Golden State Warriors as the Oakland Image Leader. Dallas will be taking place August 27-31 with Jason Terry as a Dallas Image Leader and will tentatively be at the Boys and Girls Club. We just launched our web site and and blog site. The camp registration form is available on the web site. Here are the links:



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