Monday, July 03, 2006

Is Janet Too Skinny???

According the People, Jermaine Dupri thinks so. Check out some of the article from ONTD...
There's one person who thinks Janet Jackson has lost to much weight -- her record producer boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri! "Jermaine loves Janet whether she's fat or skinny," the insider says. "Ideally, though, he prefers her with a little meat on her bones."
The insider says Jermaine secretly fears that the singer is obsessing over her weight loss, and that he's been urging her to relax. The couple has been meeting with wedding planners as they prepare for their big day, but Janet,40, is refusing to deviate from her diet -- even to sample food for their reception.
"Janet wouldn't even taste a morsel of wedding cake that was given to her to try, the insider reveals. "She's that committed to her diet, but Jermaine feels she's being too extreme."
According to the insider, Janet told a friend, "I want to be a sexy bride."

I don't know how true the statements in the article are but if Jermaine really does prefer Janet with a little more meat on her bones, I agree with him. She looks good now but the weight loss is aging her. She's starting to look old. Anyway, click the link to see comparison pictures...