Friday, July 28, 2006

Did Trina Lose a Baby???

I was sent an email with this information about Trina having a miscarriage. The information was posted on Trina's fansite First let me state that I don't know how true this is but here is what was POSTED ON HER FANSITE (this info isn't coming from me)...
On July 28, 2006, Trina's assistant called me and she let me know that Trina wanted to speak with me. I spoke with Trina over the phone and she sent me the following message :

Miami born Rap Princess "Trina", who's real name is Katrina Taylor, was hospitalized on June 28, 2006, which was one month ago. According to the private nurse who has asked to keep her name "unknown" to the public said, "The rap star was rushed into the emergency room due to internal bleeding". The nurse said "that she felt very bad for the 5 foot 2 raptress as she cried for non other than her "beau" and fiance Dwayne Carter known as Lil' Wayne".....Trina's ultrasound revealed that she was expecting a baby boy! According to the nurse, Trina cried "God please take me and save my baby".....she was released 2 days later from the hospital to family members.

If this report is indeed true, I send my condolences to Trina and her family. Seeing that Trina was performing at a club on July 12th and looked like she was in good spirits, it's safe to assume that if this story is true, she's gotten over it. Or she's trying to...

Speaking of babies, Kelly Rowland is not pregnant. Big Surprise...not.