Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is Ashanti Pregnant???

Media Take Out is reporting that she is. But if you're familiar with Media Take Out's "exclusives", you know you have to be skeptical. I, myself, take their stories with a grain of salt, but they are interesting reads. Here is their latest report on Ashanti's "pregnancy"...
June 14. Yesterday a close friend to R&B superstar Ashanti confirmed to what people have been speculating for weeks - that Ashanti is four months pregnant. And the pregnancy may explain Ashanti's new look. As the below photos show *, the sexy songstress has gone through some changes in recent months. The first photo, taken last year, shows a slim and trim Ashanti. The second photo, taken a few weeks ago, shows Ashanti with a slight tummy bulge. It also shows that Ashanti's nose has widened and she appears to have a natural "glow" - both common indicators of pregnancy.

Many industry insiders are speculating that famed rapper Nelly is the father of the child. Nelly and Ashanti have been dating for nearly three years and seem very happy together. And according to one of Nelly's pals, he's gotten so close to Ashanti that he's considering marriage.But one insider tells that she believes the father of the child is Irv Gotti, the married head of Ashanti's record label. Gotti, who openly admits to cheating on his wife, was linked romantically to Ashanti early in her career. The two reportedly rekindled their romance earlier this year while working on her new album.

I don't believe this rumor. I'm not saying it's impossible for Ashanti to be pregnant, I mean, she is a woman. If she is pregnant, I think she and Nelly would make a cute kid, but this sounds like a lie to me. As stated before, I always question Media Take Out's "exclusives"...
[Media Take Out]
*Click the Media Take Out link to see the pictures