Friday, September 30, 2005

Kate Moss Goes To Arizona...

So you know what that means... She's checked herself into rehab.

Friends of the 31-year-old supermodel who was photographed apparently snorting cocaine told The Times of London that Moss flew to The Meadows clinic, where she will spend a month.

I'm glad to see that Kate is trying to clean herself up, especially because she has a 3 year old daughter (whose birthday she missed because she is in rehab). But as you know, there will always be people that will try to kick you while you are down.

Meanwhile, the British press reported yesterday that a documentary is planned that Sky One says will show footage of Moss apparently snorting cocaine.

Is there really a need to show a video of her snorting cocaine? We all know she did it, she admitted to it. It's time to leave her alone now so that she can get her life together. But even after the video and Kate's lost contracts (Burberry, Chanel, H&M), there is good news for Kate. She will be representing a "luxury perfume brand".

Sarah Doukas, head of the Storm modeling agency, said that Moss would soon sign a contract to represent a luxury perfume brand. ''She loves modeling -- and she needs to be busy," Doukas said.

Good luck Kate! For you and your daughter.

Kate Moss and her daughter, Lila Grace.

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