Friday, September 30, 2005

Beanie Sigel Doesn't Want To Choose Sides...

Everybody knows that Jay-Z and Dame Dash don't work together anymore. You all know that Jay-Z took over Rocafella and Dame Dash started his own label, Dame Dash Music Group. Well at first it seemed like Beanie Sigel chose to stay with Dash and sign to his label instead of Rocafella. Well that is not the case, he decided not to remain with Dash, either. Before rumors start that he doesn't like Dash, let me say that there are no hard feelings between Sigel and Dash, or between Sigel and Jay-Z. Sigel said that he doesn't want to choose sides because he is still friends with both.

"I got my own [State Property imprint] with Universal," he explained. "I didn't want to be in the situation where I had to pick between my homies. They both good homies of mine. I didn't wanna pick one way and go the other. Then they going through whatever they going through and I didn't want to be in the middle of that equation. I just said the best thing for me to do as a man and true friend was to back up from both situations. I would have my friends on the same level. I don't gotta worry about one feeling no type of way because I'm riding with this one. That's a real uncomfortable feeling."
There are also rumors that Beanie Sigel is going to sign to G-Unit, but that is not true. He said he and 50 Cent have had some conversations but he doesn't want to be anybody's artist, he wants to be in control of himself.

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