Friday, September 30, 2005

Fantasia Is A Star, But She's Not So Bright...

Fantasia Barrino, winner of American Idol, has revealed that she can hardly read or write.

In her memoirs released Friday (September 30), "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale," the third-season "American Idol" winner admits that she can hardly read or write.

In the book, which Fantasia dictated to a freelance writer, the singer reveals that her mother is also functionally illiterate and that Fantasia was so ashamed of her own struggle it kept her from ever applying for a job. On "Idol," she learned lyrics by listening to the songs, not reading the sheet music, and since winning, she's signed contracts she couldn't read.

But Fantasia is very serious about learning to read and write. She is currently working with a tutor. She also reveals in her book that she was raped when she was a freshman in high school. Fantasia says that she blamed herself, because of the way she was dressed. She also talks about her poor upbringing and her faith in God.

"Most people would rather flaunt their new clothes or their new bling-bling," she says in the book. "I always wonder why God is not worthy of praise and acknowledgment? Why are young people ashamed to show their faith? Take it from me — faith is really all you have."

You should definitely pick up her book and for more information on "Life Is Not A Fairy Tale", you can click here.

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Fantasia will be interviewed about all of this on "20/20" tonight at 10:00pm on ABC.