Friday, September 30, 2005

Charlize Is Seeing Stars...

Charlize Theron received a star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" yesterday. Though I think she is a talented and beautiful actress, it seems a bit early in her career for her to be receiving such an honor...Oh, hold up, wait a minute. I think I know why she is receiving her star now.

A little known fact about the Walk of Fame: it's a sham. Stars are not voted on by an elite group of people, like they are with Canada's Walk of Fame. In Hollywood, stars are bought for you. They cost a few thousand dollars each, but think of the great publicity you get.
Ok, now I get it, She does have a movie coming out soon. Well, I guess I might as well tell you about her movie.Charlize will be starring in a movie called "North Country", which opens on October 21st. She plays a miner that is sexually harrassed on the job and later goes on to become the first woman to actually do something about it.

Click here to find out more about "North Country"

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