Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rihanna Spotted at LAX...

On January 14th Rihanna was spotted catching a flight out of LAX. She was rocking the Louis Vuitton "That's Love" canvas tote which you can rock too if you've got an extra $1720 to drop on a canvas bag. Oh yeah, while you're checking out her bag, check out the CBE on her jacket.Yes it stands for Chris Brown Entertainment. It probaby isn't anything serious though. But if it is, so what? I think they'd make a cute couple. Anyway, in a recent interview with Allure Magazine (from the January 2008 issue) she said she and Chris Brown are good friends. You can read the quote below.
"He's one of my closest friends in the industry. He makes me feel like a teenager- I have to act and think like an adult so much. He makes me feel young again."