Friday, August 10, 2007

New Video from 50 Cent...

Click play to check out the 5th video from 50 Cent's album "Curtis" which won't even hit stores until September 11th. The video is for the song "Follow My Lead" featuring Robin Thicke. Apparently someone leaked the video and 50 Cent flipped out in the G-Unit offices (Read More About It Here). Whatever. Either way, the video is out now, so go ahead it check it out. It features cameos from Dustin Hoffman, Paula Jai Parker, and Elise Neal (who looks gorgeous in the video by the way, check out her hair). Check out 50's other videos under the cut...

50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake- "Ayo Technology"

50 Cent- "I Get Money"

50 Cent- "Straight to the Bank"

50 Cent- "Amusement Park"