Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Keyshia in Sister2Sister...

Keyshia Cole is featured on the cover of the October issue of Sister2Sister magazine (on shelves September 11th). In her interview she talks about finding her father, understanding men and wanting to be a veterinarian. Check out her cover below. The issue also features an interview with Keyshia's sister, Neffe. You can read a snippet of her interview under the cut...

Jamie: Did Keyshia call you up and invite you to come over? How did it happen [that you moved in with her]?
Neffe: No, actually my mom had came to visit and I had just left my husband because I had recently found out that he had been sleeping with my first cousin for a year.

Jamie: What?!
Neffe: I was a little resentful about moving because I’ve been in California for so long and I didn’t want to come and be dependent on my sister. That's just not me. But I needed to make that move because I was on the verge of having a breakdown... Everyone was thinking, oh she's drunk, oh she's an alcoholic. Not knowing that behind the scenes I was actually going through something.

Keyshia: I'm sure they knew you were going through something.

Neffe: I don’t think they did. Like when I’m out in the public and they go, "There's Keyshia Cole's sister," or " you’re the crazy one. You have a shot of Patron today?" Who wants to hear that?

[SOURCE][Thanks Megan]