Friday, August 10, 2007

Kanye and Cassie in Complex...

Both Kanye West and Cassie are featured in the latest issue of Complex magazine. In their interview with Cassie they talk to her about her bad live performances (she said she wasn't prepared) and the rumors of her sleeping her way into the industry (which she denies). You can check out some pictures from her shoot and read some snippets from the article under the cut. You can also read some of Kanye's interview, which is mostly talk about his fashion sense. He says that Eve's "Tambourine" video (my favorite video for 2007) made him want to step his style level up. Check out more on Kanye under the cut...
(Click the cover to see it in full.)


What’s the most hurtful thing that was said?
That I slept my way into the industry. I think that's really vicious. If it had nothing to do with talent, at least it had something to do with charm. But it was never jumping into bed with somebody. That's just gross. As far as people saying I couldn't sing, I did a bad job so I couldn’t hate. I was in a tough place for a second. I got really sick and was in the hospital in like November or December. It was stress and exhaustion, and I ended up going home to Connecticut. [Puffy] actually called me up when I was at home and asked me what I wanted to do. I was like, "I want to do another album."

You caught a lot of criticism for your live performances.
I don't think I should have done those shows. But I didn't know I had a choice. I would sit in rehearsals and sing full songs a cappella. I wasn't Beyonce, but I wasn't fucking up. Then I got out there and was like, "Oh my God, millions of people are watching me right now. I have stage fright." Before the BET performance, I remember being backstage with Gwen Niles, the VP from my label, and I was like, "I'm gonna shit myself. I can't do this. Don't make me go out there."


M: ...Anyhow, what’s the last time you heard a record that made you jealous?
K: I know this statement might come off awkward or whatever, people won’t get the exact translation right, but when I saw the Eve video [for “Tambourine”], it made me want to go back and do more shots [on my video] from a style level. She had the Christopher Kane dress, the vintage Chanel glasses. When I saw her style level in that, it made me say, “Damn, I need to step my style level up.” Because it’s not a matter of just guys’ style and girls’ style or black style and white style, it’s a matter of who is the style god period and shit.

M: You talked about reading the blogs and seeing hate out there on the Internet. 50 Cent on the Clinton Sparks Sirius show and Beanie Sigel on the latest Beef DVD—both guys who you’ve made beats for—are criticizing your style and essentially trying to say you’re gay. But you never respond.
K: I never put anybody down to big myself up. I just big myself up. The one time where they could say I dissed somebody is the George Bush thing. But I didn't say, "Hey, George Bush is a bitch." I said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people," something that came out of an emotion I felt. It wasn’t something I would've said just to be bringin' someone down. Yeah, if I'm in the privacy of my own home, or around my friends, I'll talk shit about whoever. But I know the power I have; I would never do or say anything to take money out of someone's mouth.
[Thanks Sherry]