Friday, August 17, 2007

50 Cent's Lil Wayne & Baby...

50 Cent is crazy, lol. Click the link to listen to 50 Cent diss Lil Wayne and Baby. He clowns Lil Wayne and Baby for that infamous kiss (Forgot about it? Click Here to refresh your memory) and for the fact the Lil Wayne calls Baby his "daddy". 50 Cent's exact words are:

It's more than your body baby, damn it's your brain
You make me wanna kiss you like Baby kissed Wayne
And make you call me daddy like Baby do Wayne
Damn that ish sounds gay, it's insane
I guess that's the price the lil n*gga paid for fame
He also mentions the thing about him dating Ciara (he said it's all rumors). He says something about Ja too but whatever, that's old. (But if you're wondering, he says "girl your ass fat like Joe, you real sweet like Ja"). But anyway, I love me some Lil Wayne but you should definitely give this a listen...