Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lauren London in King...

Lauren London is featured in the June issue of King Magazine. Don't know who she is? She played "New New" in ATL with TI. Anyway, in the article she talks about her role as Turtle's love interest, Kelly, on the HBO hit "Entourage" (one of my favorite shows). She also talks about her role in the upcoming movie "This Christmas" with Idris Alba, Regina King and Chris Brown. Under the cut you can check out more pictures and read her interview with King...

Okay, well if this was reality TV would a guy like Turtle ever really get a chance with you?
When someone's charming and charismatic it just reels you in. But I'm smart too, I don’t really let people charm me. I'm a charmer too.

It sounds like you're trying to charm me right now by not answering the question. Would a guy like me Turtle, ever get a chance with you?
I dated some unattractive men. I mean, I love black men, it's just what I'm attracted to, so Turtle wouldn't be my initial attraction because as a black woman I love my black king. You never know, connection is different. If you just connect with somebody, you can’t make any excuses around it.

After Entourage is over, where are we going to be able to catch you?
A movie called This Christmas. It's a family Christmas movie, it should be out in November. But it was with an amazing, amazing cast. It's part of the reason I took on the part. It's with Regina King, Chris Brown, Columbus Short, Idris Elba, Mekhi Phifer. It's a really good, black cast. It's six siblings, I play the youngest of the two girls. It's a very respectful role. Very different from New New. [Thanks Greg]