Friday, April 06, 2007

Top 25 Dancers of All Time...

BET aired their list of the Top 25 Dancers of All Time tonight and as expected, I disagree with the list for the most part. I don't disagree with the people included on the list, but I disagree with the order. Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez should've been further up on the list and Chris Brown should've been further back, among other things. But whatever, I guess it's nice that the dancers are getting some recognition. Anyway, one thing I do agree with is their choice for #1, who is James Brown. Click play to check out an old video of James Brown teaching you how to dance. You can see where other celebrities including Ciara, Diddy, Rosie Perez, Chris Brown, Usher, Beyonce and Janet & Michael Jackson, ended up on the list under the cut...

25. Ciara
24. Diddy
23. Big Daddy Kane
22. Rosie Perez
21. Gregory Hines
20. Missy
19. Tina Turner
18. Aaliyah
17. Cab Calloway
16. Shakira
15. Omarion
14. Bobby Brown
13. Jennifer Lopez
12. Alvin Ailey
11. Usher
10. The Temptations
09. Beyonce
08. Savion Glover
07. MC Hammer
06. Prince
05. Janet Jackson
04. Chris Brown
03. The Nicholas Brothers
02. Michael Jackson
01. James Brown