Thursday, March 29, 2007

D.Woods in King...

D.Woods of Danity Kane is featured in the May issue of King Magazine. You can check out a couple pictures from her shoot below. In the article she talks about the whole weight issue with Diddy (he thinks she's a little too thick...she disagrees with him and so do I). Anyway, you can read some snippets from the article under the cut. Click the link to check out more pictures...

Click the picture to see it in full.
...You've always been our favorite, anyway-just ignore those Aubrey pinups behind you [laughs]. Why do you think Diddy is so critical of your curves?
I feel like he puts stuff out there to see how you'll react. Even with him talking to me later about it, he said he had to say certain things because that's what other people are going to say. In my heart I don't feel I have a problem. The only thing that affected me was the manner in which he did it, because I thought it was disrespectful.
Funny thing is, you're not even that thick. Compared to Cassie, though, you're Monique.
I'm not big. Genetically, the women in my family got thighs and booty, so that ain't gonna go nowhere no matter how much I run on the treadmill. In fact, he made me run three [more] miles a day than the other girls, and I was telling him, "You might not wanna do that-I'm gonna be all muscle. When I come back in here looking like Flo-Jo, I'm going to look like I'm about to beat somebody’s ass."