Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Video from Lil Flip...

Click play to check out the new video from Lil Flip for his single "Ghetto Mindstate" featuring Lyfe Jennings. Lil Flip has a new album "I Need Mine" set to hit stores this spring. The cast of "The Wire" is popping up everywhere, first we saw Marlo in Monica's "Dozen Roses" video, then Namond in Ludacris' "Runaway Love" and now Michael is in this video. Anyway, before you watch the video, read a quote from Lil Flip talking about his new single, "Ghetto Mindstate".
"What it do? Its yo boy Flippa and for my 1st single I had to reflect on shit. Its called Ghetto Mindstate featuring my nigga Lyfe and produced by my niggas the Synphony. This shit means a lot to me, its bout my life. I needed to some positive shit, speak to people speak to the ghetto, and da youth. Its hard to get out the ghetto, but its even harder to get out the mindstate, Even 4 me. So I want ya'll to experience this shit first hand and fuck wit yo boy, this how a nigga feel fo real. I just felt inspired to do a song that meant something, use my fuckin voice for some good shit. I'm still leanin and tippin, but right now, I'm in a Ghetto Mindstate."