Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Video from Jeezy...

Click play to check out Young Jeezy's new video for his song "Bury Me a G". Kids don't click play, that's my parental advisory, lol. Everybody else, check it out. You can read about it below.
The video was directed by Jesse and Uly Terrero and features cameo appearances by The Wire's Michael K. Williams and Hassan Johnson . The video reenacts a shooting involving Young Jeezy in front of an Atlanta night club. "You listen to 'Bury Me A G' and it’s everything going on today," Young Jeezy says of the video. "I lose homeboys every time we’re on the road. I really understand what it is. It ain’t like I’m not of the scene because I still deal with real issues. Because I’m still that close to the hood, know what I’m saying?" "Bury Me A G" also incorporates another song titled "Jeezy" into the middle of the video. .

[Thanks Omar]