Thursday, November 02, 2006

NY & Pumpkin Kiss & Make Up

New York and Pumpkin got over their little beef at the Reality Awards this year. I'm already over the whole "Flavor of Love" kick I was in, so this picture isn't really all that exciting. I guess this is just another way for them to add time to their 15 minutes of fame. I know Pumpkin's time was almost up. Anyway, you can some of the article from TMZ below...
After winning Best Fight at the Reality Remix "Really Awards," the two ex-"Flavor of Love" ladies were spotted locking lips as New York expressed her love for the woman who once spat in her face on national television. The pic, snapped by Pumpkin's aunt, is apparently only the first step in the pair's relationship. Sources say the two may be doing more photos together in the future, showing a little more skin for a possible naughty pictorial.

[SOURCE][Thanks Meka]