Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Want More Deelishis?

"Flavor of Love 2" is officially over and done with. Deelishis has been named the winner so that means there's a sudden interest in her. If you're one of those guys (or girls) that just can't get enough of London Charles/Deelishis, click the links below to check out her official website and MySpace page. Speaking of Deelishis, a lot of people have been wondering about the identity of her child's father since she made the statement on the finale that her child's father had "money on top of money". Well, I've received quite a few emails stating that he's not a celebrity, but some rich guy named Jim Comer of Detroit. The emails said that she said it in a radio interview. I'm not sure how much truth is behind that, but whatever. We're on minute 15, let the countdown begin...

[Thanks Jemar]