Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guess Who's #1...

And surprisingly it isn't Janet. Ludacris scored the number 1 spot beating Janet out by about 14,000 copies. Congratulatons Ludacris!!
Janet Jackson went on Oprah, she touted her weight loss and talked about her wardrobe malfunction. But in the end, none of it was enough. Janet's "20 Y.O." album wound up finishing second to a new CD by the relatively PR-scandal-free Ludacris.

The difference was negligible - maybe 14,000 to 20,000 copies - but it was that slim mandate that pushed Ludacris over the top with 314,000 copies sold according to course, it didn’t help that Janet's album got universally bad reviews. And once it was played, it was clear that "20 Y.O." amounted to just a handful of songs and a lot of filler.

[Fox News]
UPDATE: The official numbers are Ludacris: 309,000+ and Janet Jackson: 296,000 . [MTV]