Wednesday, September 27, 2006

News on Kelly Rowland's Album....

So we all know that Kelly Rowland's album had been pushed back. Well, below you can read an article about some of the changes she's made since pushing the release date back. She said the previous work for the album was "too deep". I was actually happy that she pushed the date back because I wasn't really feeling some of the songs that had been leaked. She's so pretty and so talented and so humble and she really deserves major solo success. I have my fingers crossed that this sophomore album will push her over the top. Read about it below...
My Story, which was slated for a summer release was shelved in favor of a yet-untitled album with a different vibe due in the spring. "[My Story] was basically a list of songs that I put together about the past three years of my life, with love and relationships," Rowland said of the album. "And I remember listening to the record, and I was just like, 'I don't want this to be too deep to where, you know, [I] lose people.' I still wanna have my party records, and I still wanna make people get up and bob their heads and vibe a little bit. And the record was too full of midtempos and ballads, so I wanted to bring it up a little bit. I mean, I'm 25. I'm young!"

"In general, I'm going in the urban, more R&B route," Rowland said during a break from the Garrett sessions. "Of course, that's what I started with with Destiny's Child, [but on] my first solo album I did more of a pop-sounding record. So I wanted to go back to my roots and dibble and dabble with some beats." Although Rowland is still recording - she has sessions booked with Rich Harrison, Rockwilder and Solange - she's trusting her gut that one of the Garrett tracks, tentatively titled "Wooo!" or "Bump Like This," will be the first single.

"I listened to a lot of Whitney Houston for her vocals," Rowland said. "I love her. I love Beyonce's voice, and I love Brandy. Those are three vocalists who inspire me. I love how different they are. I love how they take themselves to the next level."

Aside from Snoop ("I've been wanting to work with him forever," Rowland exclaimed) and Tank, who also sings on a song called "The Show," Rowland plans to load up with a few more guest appearances. She's also planning to revive a few of the My Story songs.

"There's one record called 'I'm Still in Love With My Ex,' and that's one of the deepest songs on the record to me," Rowland said. So can we assume it's about former fiance Roy Williams, who called off their wedding? "People are gonna ask all those kinda questions, but it's just a song," Rowland said. "Sometimes you enhance!"