Friday, August 11, 2006

Cassie on Ciara, Bow Wow & Others

Cassie was recently interviewed on Hot 97. She was asked to rate some of the leading men in the music industry (you can see her ratings below). She was also asked who in the industy has tried to get at her (Bow Wow and Omarion) and who could get it (Pharrell). She also commented on the Ciara comparisons saying she's "nothing like her". I'd have to agree with that statement. Ciara can actually put on a good live performance, lol. Read the article below...
Newcomer Cassie was on New York's Hot 97 radio station today (Aug. 9th), and she had more than a mouthful of musical notes to belt out. The New London, Connecticut native was first featured on Angie Martinez's show earlier today, where she called out singers Omarion and Bow Wow when Angie asked who in the industry had tried to kick it to her. Cassie also insinuated that if anyone could "get it" (as in, sexually), it would be Pharrell. Hot 97's gossip diva Miss Info later predicted, "He'd probably be hittin' that later on this week."

Later on, while on the Funk Flex show, the multi-culti - Filipino/Mexican/West Indian/Black - Cassie responded "People try to compare me to Ciara, but I’m nothing like her," when a caller asked if she was taking stabs at the "Goodies" princess. She did clarify, though, that she is "a fan of hers." She also went on to detail her "encounters" with Omarion and Bow Wow stating Omarion "didn't do it himself. His little brother came over and gave me his number. Bow Wow sent his info through somebody too," said a bashful Cassie, while the entire Funk Flex cast fell into laughter.

Flex went on to ask Cassie to rate a number of men in the industry, 10 being the best and 1 being the worse, and this is how the scoring panned out:
Ne-yo: 7, Omarion: 7, Flava Flav: 2, Bow Wow: 8, Derek Jeter: 5, Jay-Z: 7, Justin Timberlake: 7, Juelz Santana: 6, Dwayne Wade: "I don't know who that is.", Yung Joc: 7. "That's because I know him.", Young Jeezy: 5, T.I.: 10! "He definitely gets a 10. But, for the record, I exchanged info with his girl. I'm not that type of chick."
The interview would not have been complete without Flex asking Cassie about the YouTube video that's been circulating on the net, apparently an uncut, amateur version of her "Me & U" video, to which she expressed the most utter embarrassment. Vibe