Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Vibe" on Cassie...

Vibe has a short article on their site about Bad Boy recording artist Cassie ("Me & You"). I don't know what it is but I like this girl. She's very driven. She's only 19 years old, she makes hot songs even though her voice is mediocre and she's making major moves. She basically started out on MySpace and look how far she's come. I'm rooting for her, I want her to succeed. Anybody handling their business, making things happen for themselves deserves to succeed. That's also why I'm rooting for LeToya. But back to Cassie, some snippets of the article are below. Click the link to find out more about Cassie at
Some people are born to sing. Casandra "Cassie" Ventura, on the other hand, was told to - by everyone from her modeling agency booker to Tommy Mottola. Looking at the beautiful 19-year-old model/singer, you can see why others would push her toward the spotlight. "That was always something at the back of my mind," she says, speaking over the blaring house music at Serafina Sandro restaurant in midtown Manhattan. "But to stand out as a singer is so much harder than anything else. So I went to modeling as my getaway car."

Her untitled debut mixes elements of pop, rock, and R&B with palpable bubble gum flair. And even though Cassie's determined to go all the way with her music, it hasn’t stopped her from peddling her good looks. She was handpicked for Missy Elliott’s adidas Respect M.E. line and recently graced a billboard for Target in Times Square. "I perceive myself like J.Lo because she’s fashion forward, classy, and could bring it to the 'hood or Fifth Avenue,"she says. "At the end of the day you need to make it larger than life." Spoken like a true fly girl.

[Thanks Morgan]