Friday, July 07, 2006

Monica's Back...

Monica's latest single "Everytime Tha Beat Drop" will officially hit airwaves on July 24th. It will be featured on her upcoming album "A Dozen Roses". Click the link to listen to the final cut of song. You can also check out a little promo shot on the left. Speaking of Monica, I was sent an email from a C&IC reader that gave a little info on something that happened at a radio station when a local rapper dissed Brandy. Monica wasn't going for that. Read about it below...

Monica Gets Heated!
They sometimes have freestyle sessions for amateur rappers to battle each other on the radio down here in Atlanta on 107.9. Monica was a guest judge. Anyways, one of the rappers said that line "When I get my deal, my sales will never slump down like Brandy's did".

Monica told the DJ to cut the music and told the rapper that made the comment that she was speaking for herself and the other two judges when she said that he automatically lost. The other rapper didnt even get to rap. He won by default. But Monica was like "You lost nigga". The DJ told her that she couldnt curse on radio and she said it again.

Then they asked her what was her relationship with Brandy and she said they are really good friends and that their "beef" is so elementary. Theyre both talented grown ass woman. She said that Brandy is in Atlanta recording (she didnt say with what producers or writers but Im guessing its B. Cox and Adonis). She said that when Brandy comes to Atlanta she always calls her. This particular day she said they went to the studio and they ordered food and just chilled while Brandy recorded.