Thursday, July 27, 2006

Are You A Sideline Ho???

Click the link below to listen to the song "Sideline Ho" from Monica. It will be featured on her upcoming album "The Makings of Me". Monica is coming real hood on this new album, lol. I like this song. Below you can read an article about the song from the AOL Music blog...
If your man doesn't take you to church and leaves you alone on the holidays, you're a sideline ho. Hey, those are Monica's words, not ours. The R&B diva's next release, 'The Makings of Me,' is due in September. The song 'Sideline Ho' was actually inspired by an ex who cheated on her with (gasp!) a video model. Co-produced by Tank, the mid-tempo track finds the new mom exposing the havoc wrought by that chick on the side.

Despite the obvious fightin' words of 'Sideline Ho,' Monica tells AOL Music she was "much nicer" on wax than in real life. "I felt a little sad when I walked away from the situation, even for her, because he had no desire to be with her," she says. "Looking back now, I kinda get it. I believe in love strongly and expect a lot out of relationships, so I think I was just too much for him altogether." Before the whispering starts about said cheater's identity, let's clear one thing up. "[He is] absolutely not my son's father," says Monica. "Hell no!"