Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kanye and Pharrell's "Number 1"...

Click the link below the listen to the new song from "Skateboard P" aka Pharrell featuring the "Louis Vuitton Don" aka Kanye. The song is called "Number 1" and it talks about their number 1 girls. I figure this song is talking about their real life girlfriends, Vashtie (Pharrell's girl)*, and Brooke (Kanye's girl)*. The song is really nice, but what'd you expect? It's Kanye and Pharrell. Even though Kanye is annoyingly arrogant, he is still very talented. Plus Pharrell is from Virginia so he's special, lol. Anyway, I know this song made their girls feel real special. I'm gonna need somebody to make me a song. Kanye's verse is hot. Here are bit of the lyrics below...
For my #1, I , keep you dumb fly
they fresh to death, you life after death
I ressurrected my gold Jesus of Nazareth
Now we fresh as a prince, while they jazzy jeff
And you don't be sayin shit when they askin' quest[ions]
And you be giving me my space and and and
you don't be running on MySpace and and and
you know some other shit I hate

Click Here to Listen to Pharrell f. Kanye West- "Number 1"
[* I'm guessing they're still together]