Monday, May 08, 2006

"Girlfriends" Season Finale..

Don't forget to watch the one hour "Girlfriends" fifth season finale tonight at 9:00pm on UPN. This could be the last new episode we ever see. The show might not get picked up when UPN merges with the WB in September to form the new channel CW. So watch it, this could be the series finale. You can read about the episode below...
When Joan gets drunk at a Hollywood party, she completely embarrasses herself and gets an earful from her ex-Derek (guest star Wayne Brady), and to make things worse, Joan is so hung over the next morning that she misses Morgan's custody hearing, which gets off to a shaky start between Toni and Todd.

Meanwhile, after finally moving into their new house, Darnell reveals to Maya that he's been offered a job on a pit crew in Florida and asks her to move there with him. Also, William becomes obsessed with rekindling his romance with old girlfriend Monica, and begs her to take him back