Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BET's Mother's Day Interviews...

In honor of Mother's Day, BET interviewed 3 celebrity moms, Nick Cannon's mom Beth, Ashanti's mom Tina, and Ludacris' mom Roberta. In the interviews they ask about how their children were when they were younger, when did they realize their children were famous, and questions of that nature. It's a really nice feature, be sure to check it out. Click the links to read the full interviews. Below you can read what the moms said when asked by BET,

"When did you first know that your child was a star?"
Nick's Mom Said:The first moment that I knew he was a star was when he did [the movie] "Drumline." He did the movie and the opening weekend, we were surprised with the turnout. Nick and myself thought it would do okay. I just told him I am so proud of him. Of course, he had been doing TV, but "Drumline," that’s when I absolutely knew. He does an awesome job. Every time I see it, I just start crying because I just don’t believe it.

Ashanti's Mom Said:When I was pregnant [with her]. Honestly, because of how much she used to bounce around. I taught dance until the day that I went in and had her. I taught dance and roller skating. [In my womb], she wouldn’t go to sleep, she was kicking the ish out of me. She was very active. I just knew. I put her in dance school at 2 years-old. As long as they were potty trained, they could be in dance school. Her dad was a singer and I was a dancer. I said a couple of prayers and God gave me a star. Two stars.

Ludacris' Mom Said:On his first video shoot, I just happened to be in Atlanta, and I was on the video shoot of "What’s Your Fantasy." Kevin Liles [then Def Jam's President] was asking me, "Did I realize how big Chris was going to be?" He told me that they were opening a Southern division and that Scarface and Ludacris were going to be the first two artists. He kept telling me, "Do you know how big this is going to be?"