Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Throwback: Ashanti 2002

In 2002 Ashanti's "Foolish" was the hottest song out. Every girl knew every word to that song and we would sing that song like Ashanti wrote it personally for us. The song was everywhere, it was on the radio all the time and she performed it all over the place. She had Terrence Howard acting in her video way before he became a "pimp". In 2002 she became the first woman to appear on 3 hit singles ("Foolish", "Always on Time", and "What's Luv") in the top ten in the same week. In 2002, with her debut album, "Ashanti", she also set an all-time sales record for a new female artist in the Soundscan era, with over 504,000 units sold in its first week out. So, for the first edition of Tuesday Throwback, I'm shouting out Ashanti 2002, because 2002 was definitely her year...

[All photos are from 2002]
[Thanks Brian:)]