Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kobe's Wife Is Pregnant...

Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, is pregnant with their second child. Their daughter, Natalia, is now 3 years old and the second child is due in May.
"In addition to their excitement, Kobe and Vanessa have been sharing a lot of laughs because after hitting game-winning shots for the Lakers, Kobe has been making late-night food runs for his wife's pregnancy cravings, only to get home with the food and find out her craving has changed," Pelinka said
That news really isn't exciting or anything, but I figured you'd like to know anyway. Congratulations to Vanessa!!! Now if she ever has to divorce Kobe for cheating again, she'll get a child support check for two kids...JACKPOT!!!
USA Today




jackpot!!! jackpot!!!!!jackpot!!!!!



They are so CORNY! I'm much much more happier for Shaq and his wife. She's more down to earth.

And Vanessa needs her teeth fixed. Ole' long face heffa.



Be serious for a minute...What if kobe really raped that girl???? and the only reason he got away with it is because he is a superstar with lots of money and the girl was a person who worked at the front desk of the hotel??? Im not saying he did or didnt im just saying i dont think its fair that people who have lots of money get away with everything.Even tho the girl did sleep with lots of men what if she was telling the truth about kobe raping her..



hell no

that chick was lying her azz off

If a man raped you no matter who he was would you drop the case she did cause she had no credibilty

The girl was a ho

come on don't believe everything



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