Friday, October 14, 2005

Paris Cheated On Paris...

I bet you think the girl Paris cheated on the guy Paris, but it's the other way around. Paris Hilton said that her former fiance, Paris Latsis, cheated on her at his bachelor party and that is what made her ultimately call the engagement off. She first confessed that that was the reason at a party in Los Angeles.

When she was interviewed in "Extra" magazine they asked her what advice did she have to give men who want to get married.
Paris said: “Just be good to your girl and communicate and tell the truth.”

“Don’t cheat on her at your bachelor party ... because when guys do that it’s disgusting. Whoever I marry is not going to have a bachelor party,” added Paris.

People named Paris just don't know how to act. I guess Paris Hilton ended up with a jack-ass afterall.Spotlighting News