Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So, Just How Is Prison For Lil Kim??

Ok, I know Lil Kim looks a little crazy now since she's gotten her plastic surgery or whatever, but she is still my girl. Just like a lot of you I wanted to know just how she is doing in prison, so I found out. Here is what has happened so far:

First the prison barber cut her hair (well her weave). (The picture on the left shows how Lil Kim's hair was the day she reported to prison.)

First, the hip-hop star was forced to watch in horror as a prison barber took clippers to her long mane, shearing off several pricey extensions , only a day after she'd had her stylist give her a trim.

"She looked like a wreck," said Shakyi Muhammad, who was released last week from the detention center after a three- month stint.

"She didn't look anything like she does on the out side."

"They made her cut her hair. When she came in, her hair was half-blond — blond in the back and dark in the front.

"But then they cut it all uneven, with half of it still shoulder length and other half going way up."
Next they made her change her clothes, she arrived in a Sean John sweatsuit and sneakers. They made her change into a "prison-issue green button-down, short-sleeve shirt, green pants and slippers".
"She looked like a mess," said Tricia Brancohi, 24, who did a year in the can.

Kim was locked in solitary for the first 24 hours and then released among the rest of the inmates.

"She ain't no celebrity — she's just like one of us," another prisoner said.

"She gets treated just like one of the inmates."
But all of you Lil Kim fans, don't worry. The inmates said that by the end of the week Lil Kim seemed to be relaxed.
"I know if she was in the street, she wouldn't give us the time of day, but she became very friendly," Muhammad said.
Lil Kim will later be assigned a cellmate and given a prison job.
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