Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Don't Mess With Eva Longoria...

Or Tony Parker will call the mayor of Paris. Tabloids in France have been printing old interviews from Eva Longoria, suggesting that she is currently cheating on her boyfriend, Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs).

She tells, "The French tabloids are regurgitating a bunch of old interviews I gave a long time ago where I said I wouldn't mind dating several guys at once.

"So now they are printing, 'Eva cheats on Tony!' and Tony is so upset he offered to call the mayor of Paris who knows the tabloid people to try and stop it.
He just wants to protect me. He is so great."
How many boyfriends offer to call the mayor to get people to stop bothering their girlfriends?? I'm sure the mayor has more important things to deal with, but Tony doesn't care. He wants to protect his woman. Awww, Tony must be in love...

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