Friday, September 30, 2005

Diddy Is Making A Band... Again

Diddy is still trying to "make a band". We see just how successful "Da Band" was. Oh, yeah, and Diddy did an excellent job with the girl group "Dream". Did you see how well he managed "New Edition" when they joined his label, and I know "112" is singing Diddy's praises. Don't you just love his new group "B5"? What, you've never heard of "B5"?? There is no more "Da Band"?? "New Edition" is over?? "112" is no longer signed with Diddy? The girl group, "Dream", doesn't record together anymore?? WHAT?!?

Diddy SUCKS when it comes to working with "bands". Hopefully this "band" won't end up like the rest of the "bands" he's worked with. Maybe he can get this "band" to actually sell records.

Making the Band premieres October 6th at 10 pm on MTV.