Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Usher Divas Himself Out of a Good Role

I'm sure you've heard about the upcoming musical remake "Dreamgirls" that will star Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy, among others. Well Usher was also supposed to be part of that movie but he was asking for "A-list compensation", even though he doesn't have "A-list" acting skills. The last movie he acted in was "Texas Rangers" (I don't remember it, either), and that movie was slammed by critics.

“Things just went really bad trying to negotiate terms with Usher’s management,” one production insider tells us. “They were trying to bring their crazy music industry demands to Hollywood, and that didn’t work for us.”
The producers don't need Usher and his diva ways for their movie anyway. Beyonce and Jamie are packing enough star power themselves and Omarion will now be acting in the role that was supposed to be Usher's.

Some critics are already giving his upcoming mob movie "Dying For Dolly" bad reviews. I bet in the end Usher will wish he would have downsized his diva demands and took the role in "Dreamgirls". I have a feeling that movie is going to be BIG.
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