Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Suge Got Shot...Now in Intensive Care

Marion 'Suge' Knight was shot Saturday night (Well technically early Sunday morning, it was around 12:42 am) at a party hosted by Kanye West at the Shore Club Hotel in Miami. He was shot in the leg and put into intensive care at Mount Sinai Medical Center after having surgery to remove the bullet from his leg and repair a fractured bone. Witnesses said at least six shots were fired in the club's Red Room.

"I was dancing beside him, then I heard a pop that sounded like a champagne bottle had been opened, then I saw his bodyguards throw themselves on him," New York-based artist Lilo Kim told The Miami Herald. "It happened so fast, people were in a panic, trying to get out of there."
There aren't any suspects as of yet, I'll keep you posted. But this news shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, what goes around come around.

  • The Bosh




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